Simply Own It! The American Dream

Increase Wealth With Commercial Real Estate

by Andrea Davis

Commercial Real Estate is a sophisticated yet simple way to invest in yourself, your business, and your future which offers substantial tax benefits to the property owner.

Simply Own It, The American Dream is a practical nine-step guide designed to help individuals realize financial sovereignty through CRE investments.

The book opens with Andrea Davis’s personal story of when her business expanded, and she bought her first office condo. The buildout did not go as expected during construction due to the Pandemic, labor and supply chain shortages, and escalating construction costs. Thankfully, her twenty-five plus years of experience, negotiations, and relationships, helped her navigate a win-win deal for all involved parties, but she knows this isn’t the case for most buyers.

Simply Own It removes the mystery of purchasing commercial real estate and contains confidence-building tools to empower buyers to negotiate a successful purchase contract, hire competent buyer representation, save money, and avoid pitfalls. It includes reader-friendly charts, cost breakdowns, keywords, business owner tips, industry lingo, timeframes, and real-life stories.

You will learn how to:

  • build wealth while owning your dream office
  • reduce tax exposure
  • buy the right property that supports your company’s success
  • diversify investment assets
  • pass on commercial property to heirs, bypassing probate, and more
  • roll equity into a 1031 tax deferred exchange
  • have retirement security by selling your business and leasing back the property

Commercial real estate ownership is achievable. Simply Own It, The American Dream will get you on track to CRE ownership while building financial wealth.