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Cathy Maloney
Licensed Commercial Agent


Cathy Maloney is a licensed agent for Davis Commercial with a focus on locally owned, independent businesses in retail, restaurant, industrial and office.  Her dedication to client satisfaction and attention to detail compliments and contributes nicely to the team. She is a member of Local First Arizona and the Scottsdale Chamber of Commerce.

Cathy got connected to commercial real estate in 2001 when she created the economic development consulting firm Findzall Community Marketing. Findzall supported Chicago area economic development professionals and community leaders with strategies to attract shoppers, bring in new businesses and educate merchants. She organized and led commercial real estate events for the City of Elmhurst, IL, and attended numerous ICSC events representing area municipalities.

Before Findzall, Cathy was a Regional Sales Manager selling video games/computer software to major retailers and distributors. Prior to that she was a buyer for a large department store chain where her nickname was “the dictionary”.

Cathy, her husband, and golden retriever live in Scottsdale. She enjoys walking her dog, swimming in their pool and rooting for the Chicago Cubs.